Winterize Your Home from Rodent Infestations


Many of us experience cabin fever in the cold winter season. Unlike us, rodents love cabin fever. They climb, claw and gnaw to find an entry way into your home, causing structural damage to roofs, siding, and basements. Often, rodent infestation signs go unnoticed until it’s too late. At Go-Forth Services, we have years of expert rodent control experience. Below are some suggestions and simple tips for preventing rodent infestations in your home.

Outdoor Rodent Control Maintenance

Maintaining your yard plays a large role in keeping your home rodent-free. Lawn maintenance may be tedious, but the work is worth it in the long run. Squirrels and rats like to gnaw at roof’s overhangs, shingles, gables, and sections where two roofs meet. Squirrels can even get into the attic through crevices in the chimney.

Outdoor Rodent Control Tips:

  • Keep your branches and bushes trimmed back away from the house
  • Check for leaking outdoor faucets and pipes
  • Don’t leave pet water or food bowls outside
  • Always keep doors closed – rodents are quick!
  • Store firewood away from the home
  • Empty garbage bins and tightly seal lids

Indoor Rodent Control Maintenance

Rats and squirrels seek warmer climates for building nests. Rodents work at night to gather food and often gnaw on electrical wires, potentially causing home fires. Rodents are also vectors for disease, so it is important for the health of your family and pets to maintain a rodent-free living environment.

Indoor Rodent Control Tips:

  • Seal all entryways, cracks, and holes in siding, doors, window screens, and areas around pipes.
  • Practice good sanitation by cleaning up crumbs and spills
  • Never leave out glasses of water or pet food/water bowels at night
  • Store dry food in sealed containers
  • Clean under counter-top appliances and large kitchen appliances

Rodent Control Methods

Sometimes all the preparation in the world won’t stop a rodent infestation. Not to fear – we at Go-Forth Services utilize a combination of baits and traps for rodent control. First, we locate and place the treatments at entry points, areas of frequent activity, and nests. We can also provide our NC rodent control clients with a natural Integrated Pest Management solution for rodent prevention. Contact us to learn more!


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