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Go-Forth Services provides Wood Destroying Insect Reports(WDIRs) and basic mold remediation services for realtors and property managers in western North Carolina. We understand the importance of identifying potential pest and moisture issues in homes before they are sold or rented, both for maintaining their economic value and the health of those who will reside within them.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports

Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIRs) are generated after a thorough, visual inspection has been performed on all accessible areas of a building and the sounding of accessible structural members in areas particularly susceptible to attack by wood-destroying insects. These reports can provide confirmation of either the visible presence or absence of wood-destroying insects (such as termites) within the home structure. Go-Forth is a licensed WDIR inspector.

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Moisture Control and Clean Crawlspaces

We provide Mold Remediation and Crawlspace Care services to aid property managers and realtors in restoring structural elements afflicted or damaged by mold. Locating and intercepting the source of the moisture is the first step to mold remediation, followed by mold removal. Crawlspace Care systems are ideal for mold prevention because they stop moisture and humidity, while also reducing structural susceptibility to insect damage.

This service only applies to mold remediation below the sub-flooring of a house (e.g., a crawlspace), and not to any part of the living area within a house. Go-Forth Services does not provide sheet rock replacement, carpet removal, or any other method of mold remediation other than those mentioned above.

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