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Did you know that cockroaches are the most successful species on Earth? Their amazing ability to adapt has made them the oldest and most common species on the planet. While this may be great news for the Blattulidae (Cockroach) family, it may not be so great for yours! Go-Forth Services provides home and business owners peace of mind by using state-of-the-art pest control methods for eradicating these pesky and potentially health-threatening pests.  



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Do you suspect you have cockroaches? Learn how to identify one of the most common types:


Identifying German Cockroaches

As one of the most common and prominent household cockroaches in the world, the German Cockroach can be found throughout many human settlements. They infest apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments because their eggs are so often carried in by shoes, boxes, or packages. Their knack for easy access has the potential to cause a huge pest problem over time.

Cockroach Developmental Stages

German Roach Life Stages

The German cockroach, like many insects, develops in the following stages: egg, nymph, and adult. Females produce a square-like capsule that contains up to 50 eggs, and hatches within six weeks. Typically, a female roach's lifespan varies from 20 to 30 weeks, but some can live up to one year. Now, imagine your house is infested with more than one female roach - those are not the kind of roommates that you want.

The young roaches, or nymphs, are smaller, darker brown, and do not have wings. The adults are 1/2 to 5/8 inches long, are tan to light brown in color, and have fully developed wings. Two dark parallel lines run from the back of the head to the wings.

Cockroach Habitat

Cockroach Habitat

German cockroaches are naturally attracted to areas located around water or food. They are most comfortable in warm, moist environments, and prefer cracks and crevices. These pests are most active at night, doing their best to find food, water, and mates.


Methods of Cockroach Control

German Cockroaches are one of the most prevelant cockroach species in western North Carolina. They can be successfully controlled using a mutli-pronged method - one that includes Integrated Pest Management from both a professional service and the participation of the home or business owner themselves. IPM pest control plans are effective because they utilize existing information on a particular pest's lifespan, environmental interactions, and successful control methods, while also incorporating many safe and eco-friendly pest management approaches.

Dead cockroach

Go-Forth treats for cockroaches by placing baits in the cracks and crevices where cockroaches live. In addition, remedies such as dusts, sprays, and traps might also be used for more severe infestations. While these methods are useful for eradicating adult cockroaches, liquid sprays are necessary for killing their eggs.

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